Ally DOB 11/27/19

Ally is going to be a large Standard girl. She is very eager to learn and has caught onto sit, speak, down. She is house training well with a few hiccups. She was carried and fed human food by her people and incidentally she will try to eat with you and she stands up on you to pick her up. She will me very large and we are trying to break her if this. She is a happy spunky puppy who needs an active home. She tries to play with any others who will participate and will not be a good match for senior dogs. She adores water and will be a Great Lake or river companion. She is nosy and at times hard headed. She needs a strong leader. She is extremely intelligent. She will be adopted within 250 miles of Texarkana or Little Rock. Experience homes needed. A fence is required. Please complete the application to adopt this be considered. A volunteer will proceed the application within 7-10 days if it is complete. We do not process incomplete apps and apps with poor vet references are not considered.

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