He is a 14 month old, 34lb  Standard Poodle. He, Sage, and Rosemary were surrendered to LR Animal Village. ( We DNA tested Basil since the girls looked like Schnauzer Poodle and Basil we thought must be a mix too. Turns out he is most likely their father and he is a Standard Poodle.) Volunteers could see they were frightened and reached out to us.  We pulled all three and the girls have been adopted.
Basil is  neutered, vaccinated, heartworm negative, microchipped and house trained.  He left the shelter and came to the Poodle Patch Foster home on 1/11/24.  He did well with other dogs and cats there. But he quickly bonded with mom and became afraid and apprehensive after special needs kiddo fell on him.

We moved him to a new more quiet, foster home, and the first day he slipped the leash and got away from this foster. So  his original foster mom had to come and help collect Basil. He was so afraid he wouldn’t come to anyone except her. He truly a loyal lover boy.

After  that, it was decided we would hire a professional trainer to work on his leash skills, recall skills, confidence, and anxiousness. He just needed a firm hand overall to love him, and teach him how to be a dog. On February 14, he  entered a three week training program. Once he is finished with his program, he will be looking for an adoptive or foster home in or around the central Arkansas  area.

We adopt within 350 miles of Texarkana TX or Hot Springs AR (exceptions are made for excellent applicants -we do not ship). Adoption fee $350. We do not process incomplete apps. A volunteer will contact you within 7-10 days after you submit the app. You will get an automatic unmonitored email from the site stating we have your application. If you do not get that email

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