Percy adopted!!!!

Percy is a black three year old male Standard Poodle weighing 50 pounds. Ideally we would like to see him at 60 pounds. His coat is really dull but should improve with regular grooming and high-quality diet. He belonged to a military family who bought him when he was a puppy. They rehomed him before being deployed. The next family had a baby and rehomed him to a third family who returned him after one day because he barked that night. Now thanks to a wonderful volunteer who went to bat for him he is with us. Needless to say he has been moved around quite a bit for only three years old and we are looking for a stable, secure, experienced forever home. Poodles require extra expenses being that they have to be regularly groomed. They are also water retrievers and some require a high activity home. They are very intelligent and loving. He is being neutered Tuesday. He is vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm negative and on prevention. He did have to be stripped when groomed due to matting and he is being treated for a horrible ear infection, He gets along just fine with other dogs. He is a very sweet loving boy. Please complete an application to be considered.
We only adopt within 350 miles of Texarkana TX. We do not process incomplete apps. A volunteer will contact you within 7-10 days after you submit the app. You will get an automatic unmonitored email from the site stating we have your app once you submit it. Please be patient we are volunteers. Adoption fee $500 to approved applicant.

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