Please read the entire post before sending an email. After evaluation we have determined that these two do not have to be placed together and may do better independent of each other. We will be placing them separately. Tammy a black female would do best in a home where she is with her person. She is more people oriented than dog oriented. She will not be another dogs playmate but she does well with other dogs . She’s just much more interested in her person and people. She needs to put on some weight and we are working on that. She is 18 months, 40 pounds, spayed, vaccinated, heartw negative, on prevention, microchipped, and house trained. she is still very food oriented and was obviously starve to death she would do well with a basic obedience training class she’s a very sweet loving girl. We got a call from a shelter about her and she was in very poor condition. Our Vet believes she was used for breeding because she has had at least two litters in her 18 months on this earth. Obviously the funds from the puppies weren’t used to take care of these two. Buying from a reputable breeder is great but when you buy from a flea market or pet store or wherever it may be that causes you to not go and see how the parents live, then you are contributing to this abuse.Please complete an application to be considered.
We only adopt within 350 miles of Texarkana TX. Adoption fee $500. We do not process incomplete apps. A volunteer will contact you within 7-10 days after you submit the app. You will get an automatic unmonitored email from the site stating we have your app once you submit it. Please be patient we are volunteers.


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